Mandatory Reporting Programs

The Climate Registry (TCR) provides application and infrastructure services to states, provinces, regions, and other jurisdictions in North America to support their mandatory reporting programs. The goal is to assure that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data is reported consistently and that the reporting process for regulated parties is streamlined as much as possible.


Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

The Climate Registry has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to provide support services for the Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. TCR provides the following resources.

  • Technical assistance and trainings for reporters
  • A Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas Registry online reporting tool module in the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS)
  • Verification program support

More information on the Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting program, including FAQs, an Applicability Screening Tool, reporting deadlines, and more are found at the MassDEP GHG Reporting Program website.

Facilities reporting to the Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program can get started with the Getting Started Guide.