Small Business and Local Governments Program

Given the urgency of the climate crisis, it is important that all organizations, no matter their size, show leadership. Small businesses may not be the biggest contributors to climate change, but cumulatively, their management and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can make a significant impact. More and more local governments are also stepping up to cut their GHG emissions. With generous support from Southern California Edison (SCE), The Climate Registry (TCR) provides small businesses and local governments in SCE’s service territory with the tools, services, and support that they need to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprints, and recognizes their leadership through the Climate Registered™ recognition program.

Membership benefits associated with the Small Business and Local Governments Program include:

  • Access to the full suite of services in the Carbon Footprint Registry
  • Resources specific to small businesses
  • Opportunity to develop a baseline greenhouse gas inventory
  • Accurately track emissions reductions over time

For any questions about the Small Business and Local Governments Program, please contact TCR’s Alex Lillenfeld.