Membership Benefits & Options

Benefits of Membership

Membership with The Climate Registry empowers organizations to build high quality, cost effective emissions inventories by accessing our GHG reporting tools, expertise, and leadership community. As a member of The Climate Registry, your organization will receive the following benefits:

  • Introductory call & orientation – orient your organization to The Registry’s GHG reporting program through a personalized welcome call
  • CRIS emissions calculator & reporting software – voluntarily report and verify your annual carbon footprint, target emissions reductions opportunities, and benchmark carbon management performance
  • Online trainings and reporting toolkit – access trainings, reporting tools, and resources any time of day to learn The Registry’s GHG reporting protocols and web-based reporting software
  • Up to 6 hours of personal reporting support – contact the Help Desk Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific for expert reporting assistance
  • Networking – webinars, briefings and priority invitations to workshops and events—network and learn from leading companies at members-only events and webinars
  • E-Newsletter – stay abreast of Registry program updates and relevant information on best practices, carbon management and climate policy
  • Use of The Climate Registry logo – use The Climate Registry logo to show your commitment to operating more efficiently, sustainably, and competitively

Members who successfully third-party verify their inventory receive Climate Registered™ status and these additional benefits:

  • Use of the Climate Registered™ logo – use the Climate Registered™ logo on your promotional materials and sustainability report to show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, exclusively for Climate Registered™ members
  • Eligibility to apply for our Climate Registered™ awards program – apply for the definitive mark of environmental leadership – Climate Registered Silver, Gold, or Platinum status
  • Recognition – receive increased recognition from The Climate Registry via our website, public newsletter, and social media platforms

Cost of Membership

Membership fees are assessed on an annual basis from the date of membership. For more on membership fees, please see our Terms of Use.