General Verification Protocol

The Climate Registry’s General Verification Protocol (GVP) presents the verification requirements for The Registry’s voluntary GHG emissions reporting program. The Registry developed the GVP to provide Registry-recognized verification bodies with clear instructions for executing a standardized approach to the independent verification of annual GHG emissions reported to The Registry.

General Verification Protocol Version 2.0

As updates and clarifications to the GVP are developed, they will be integrated into the Updates and Clarifications document. The content of this document will be incorporated directly into the GVP when it is updated by The Registry.

Sector Specific Addenda to the General Verification Protocol

To communicate sector-specific verification requirements and guidance to verification bodies, The Registry has developed the following sector-specific addenda to the GVP, all of which have been adopted by The Registry’s Board of Directors:

  • Local Government Operations (LGO) Addendum to the GVP (Version 1.1, June 2014)
  • Electric Power Sector (EPS) Addendum to the GVP (Version 1.1, June 2014)
  • Oil & Gas Production (O&GP) Addendum to the GVP (Version 1.1, June 2014)

Local government, EPS, and O&GP sector members are required to report in accordance with the LGO, EPS, and O&GP Protocols, respectively, starting with their emissions year 2010 data (to be reported in 2011). Likewise, verification bodies conducting verifications for EPS and O&GP sector members’ emissions year 2010 and subsequent inventories must be accredited to the relevant (power generation, electric power transactions, oil and gas) sector(s) and conduct the verifications in accordance with the applicable sector-specific addendum to the GVP (please refer to GVP v. 2.0 Appendix C).