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Thank you to our delegation, partners, and sponsors for joining us at COP22.

The 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) and the 12th Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP12) was held in Marrakech, Morocco from November 7 – 18, 2016. It focused on producing concrete actions and solutions with a view to ensuring successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. Adopted by 195 countries in December 2015, the Paris Agreement aims to limit global temperature rise to less than 2°C through the aggressive mitigation of greenhouse gases. In October of 2016, the necessary threshold of ratifying nations was reached in order to put the agreement into force.

Each year, in partnership with the Climate Action Reserve, TCR hosts a delegation from North America with two main objectives: (1) to provide a platform for North American sub-national jurisdictions to showcase their climate policies, and (2) to enable learning and exchange opportunities between our delegates and those from other countries and regions. This year our COP delegation was sponsored by PG&E Corporation, BWM, Energy Foundation, ClimateWorks Foundation, LADWP, Abt Associates Inc., and Bay Area Air Management District.

“The theme of this COP is that states have their own authority and their own commitments and we’re working together.” – Ken Alex, Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Jerry Brown and the Director of the Office of Planning and Research

More details on COP22 and quotes from our delegation are HERE.

Press Conference

This year TCR held our first official COP press briefing, featuring Kevin de Leon, California Senate President pro Tempore; Chris Davis, Washington Senior Advisor, Energy and Carbon Markets; Deb Markowitz, Vermont Secretary, Agency of Natural Resources; Matt Rodriquez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection; Ken Alex, California Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Jerry Brown and Director of the Office of Planning and Research.

To view the press conference click HERE.

Official Side Events

In partnership with the Climate Action Reserve and the Georgetown Climate Center, TCR hosted two side events at COP22. The events showcased sub-national leadership in North America and featured high-level speakers from U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

This year, TCR’s confirmed side events were:

  • Different Routes, Same Destination: Sub-national Approaches to Climate Action in North America
    • High-ranking officials from a politically diverse set of U.S. states and Canadian provinces discussed a variety of approaches to transitioning to a low-carbon future, including initiatives associated with transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, land use, and sub-national collaboration.


  • U.S. States at the Forefront of Climate Action
    • The implementation of U.S. NDCs rests largely on American states, but are states prepared and willing to take meaningful action on energy and climate? The international COP audience had a rare chance to interact directly with high-ranking officials from a politically diverse set of U.S. states as they addressed the opportunities and challenges associated with shifting to a lower-carbon energy future. The panel explored state initiatives associated with the U.S. Clean Power Plan, such as the National Energy Efficiency Registry (funded by U.S. DOE), regional collaborations such as RGGI and the Pacific Coast Collaborative, and state action through complementary measures spanning energy efficiency, transportation, renewable energy and land use planning. The role of U.S. states in the international context, such as the Under 2 Coalition, was discussed, as were state efforts toward GHG MRV capacity building and transparency.


Opening Reception

To kick off COP22, we hosted an evening reception that was sponsored by National Resource Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, and Electic Edison Institute. See below for pictures from this year’s opening reception.


(L to R) Amy Holm, Program Director, TCR; David Rosenheim, Executive Director, TCR; Rachel Tornek, VP Policy and Program, CAR


(L to R) Erica Morehouse, Senior Attorney, EDF; Andrew Deutz, Director International Gov. Relations, TNC; Michelle Passero, TNC; Alden Meyer, Director Strategy &Policy, UCS; Louis Blumberg, Director, CA Climate Change, TNC


(L to R) Katie Sullivan, Director NA, IETA; Molly Peter-Stanley Negotiator at U.S. Department of State; Minister Glen Murray, Ontario


(L to R) Louis Blumberg, Director, CA Climate Change, TNC; Matt Rodriquez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection; Linda Adams, Board Chair, CAR


(L to R) Emily Wimberger, Chief Economist, ARB; Rodolfo Comacho, VP Climate Change, Abt Associates Inc.; Edie Chang, Deputy Executive Director, ARB; Louis Blumberg, Director, CA Climate Change, TNC; Linda Adams, Board Chair, CAR, Craig Ebert, President, CAR


(L to R) Matt Rodriguez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection; Phil Assmus, Senior Staff Associate, NACAA; Stu Clark, Board Member, TCR


(L to R) Minister David Heurtel; Mark Purdon, Professor, Universite de Montreal


(L to R) Tim Juliani, Sr. Director Business Strategy & Partnerships, C2ES; Elliot Diringer, EVP, C2ES


(L to R) Nicole Bruening, BMW; Matt Rodriguez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection; Minister Glen Murray, Ontario; Andreas Klugscheid, Head of Steering Governmental and External Affairs and Sustainability Communications, BMW; Angela Konert, Government Affairs, BMW Group; Andrea Tuttle, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Forest Trust


(L to R) Matt Rodriguez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection; Alexa Kleysteuber, Deputy secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations, CA


(L to R) Emily Wemberger, Chief Economist, ARB; Fan Dai, Climate Advisor, CalEPA