Cool Planet Award Archive


  • The City of Brea receives a 2012 Cool Planet Award
    Marc Costa, The Energy Coalition; City of Brea Mayor Don Schweitzer; Richard Jett, Southern California Edison; and Amy Holm, The Climate Registry
  • Eastern Water Municipal District receives a 2012 Cool Planet Award
    Amy Holm, Director Energy Efficiency Program, The Climate Registry; Amy Olson, Account Executive, SCE; Paul D. Jones II, General Manager, EMWD; Joseph J. Kuebler, Board President, EMWD; Louis Davis, Region Manager, SCE; Richard Jett, Manager, Market Segment Solutions Customer Energy Efficiency & Solar, SCE; Ron Ford, Manager, Hydraulic Services, SCE; Dan Howell, Director of Purchasing & Contracts, EMWD
  • Marriott International receives a 2012 Cool Planet Award
    Representing Marriott International and Southern California Edison: Jennifer Robertson, Energy Program Manager; Robert Bahl, Vice President of Engineering and Facilities, the Americas; Cynthia Davis, Major Account Manager, SCE; Dennis Moran, Director of Energy Supply, Americas; Douglas Rath, Director of Energy & Environment, the Americas; Marianne Balfe, Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability, The Americas; Marc Burton, Vulcan Project Manager
  • Northrop Grumman receives a 2012 Cool Planet Award
    Richard Jett (SCE), David Rosenheim (The Climate Registry), David Coe (Northrop Grumman) Christina Kull (Northrop Grumman), Jerry Andis (Northrop Grumman), Mike Anthony (SCE)

Recognizing Excellence in Energy & Carbon Management

Southern California Edison (SCE) and The Climate Registry are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Cool Planet Award:

  • City of Brea – Government & Institutional (Small)
  • Eastern Municipal Water District – Water & Wastewater
  • Marriott International – Hospitality
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation – Aerospace/Defense
  • Kaiser Permanente – Healthcare

More about the 2012 Cool Planet Awards HERE.