Water-Energy Nexus Registry

Participation in the Water-Energy Nexus Registry is now open to organizations with operations in California. This program, sponsored by California Environmental Protection Agency and administered by The Climate Registry, is the first-ever voluntary registry for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the water-energy nexus. Participation is offered at no cost.

The Water-Energy Nexus (WEN) Registry allows participants to measure, track, and mitigate the GHG emissions associated with California’s water system. It is especially relevant and beneficial to water agencies, local governments, and sectors with large water footprints, such as higher education and the food and beverage, hospitality, and health care industries.

We have a new website for the WEN Registry, where you can learn more, join, and access our resources. Access it HERE.

On our Resources & Training page, you can access the General Reporting Protocol, the Water-Energy Nexus Registry Protocol, and additional guidance, and register for free trainings offered to participants in the WEN Registry.

The WEN Registry was developed with the help and support of stakeholders throughout California who gave input and feedback during public workshops during 2018. Access to all public stakeholder workshops, presentations, and training videos is now available on our History page.

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We recognize the Water-Energy Nexus Registry Founders for their outstanding leadership.