Carbon Neutrality Database

Help us empower companies, cities and countries around the world to ratchet up climate action and ambition

TCR is creating a global, cross-sectoral Carbon Neutrality Database to ratchet up global ambition and action on climate change by serving as a “one-stop shop” for information about carbon-neutral pledges and pathways, reports and research, and leaders in the field.

The Carbon Neutrality Database will:

  • Help organizations and jurisdictions around the world collaborate and share information across diverse sectors.
  • Provide essential information on carbon neutrality targets and pathways so that organizations and jurisdictions can build capacity and learn about effective strategies.
  • Encourage organizations and jurisdictions with existing carbon neutrality pledges to enhance or expand their pathways with more specific actions and goals.
  • Empower the public to better understand the myriad of carbon neutrality pledges and pathways by offering specific database search criteria, such as sector, region, and year.

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Expert consultation process

If you are participating in our stakeholder consultation process, you can access the password-protected stakeholder hub here.

TCR is engaging experts in an open and transparent consultation process to develop the database. Incorporating a wide range of perspectives will ensure that the database is relevant, accurate, and helpful across countries and sectors.

Feedback and input from experts will be sought in two phases. We are currently in Phase 1 of the development process. Recruitment for Phase 2, which will involve database development and testing, will take place in Fall 2021.

Phase 1. Establishing a Framework for Database Development

Experts will participate in designing a framework for database development. Working Group members will be asked to review and provide feedback on transparency requirements, disclosure criteria, scaling or rating systems, and the resources provided in the database.

Outcomes: Draft Carbon Neutrality Database Framework and Guidelines document, which defines (1) data types and structures, (2) key functionalities, (3) consensus-based glossary of carbon neutral terminology, and (4) primary users and desired user experience.

Phase 2. Database Development and Testing

Experts will be asked to provide technical feedback on the user experience and beta test the platform.

Outcomes: User acceptance tests, web-based platform for the Carbon Neutrality Database, and procedures for populating and maintaining the system.

Recruitment for Phase 2 will take place in Fall 2021.

Working Group and Advisory Committee roles

Group Responsibilities and Criteria Vacancies Representation* Time Commitment
Working Group Working Group members provide feedback, direction, and knowledge of best practice.
These individuals have significant experience in (or knowledge of) climate action planning, GHG target setting, and/or carbon neutrality guidance. 
15 Corporates, utilities, NGOs, academia, government, technology

Up to 3 seats per stakeholder type

4 hours per month with mandatory bi-monthly teleconference
from August 2020-August 2021
Advisory Committee Advisory committee members receive project updates and are given the opportunity to provide feedback on a quarterly basis. Members will come from a broad range of backgrounds – including advocacy, engineering, verification, research, education, and others – and have expertise in supporting climate action in their sector or region. 30 Corporates, utilities, NGOs, academia, government, technology 2 hours per month with quarterly teleconference
from August 2020-August 2021

*We will strive to secure diverse sectoral representation in each group


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