Net-Zero Portal

The global database for tracking net-zero GHG pledges and pathways.

TCR is creating a global, cross-sectoral Net-Zero Portal to ratchet up climate ambition and action by serving as a public “one-stop shop” for information about net-zero and carbon neutral pledges, pathways, reports, research, and leaders in the field.

The Net-Zero Portal will:

  • Provide essential contextual information on net-zero GHG pledges and pathways in a standardized format, so that organizations and jurisdictions across diverse sectors and locations can share and compare, build capacity, and learn about effective strategies.
  • Encourage organizations and jurisdictions with existing pledges to enhance or expand their pathways with more specific actions and goals.
  • Empower the public to better understand the myriad of net-zero and carbon neutrality pledges and pathways by offering detailed database search and sort criteria.

The Net-Zero Portal is expected to debut by Summer 2022

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Expert consultation process – Stakeholder Hub

If you are participating in our stakeholder consultation process, you can access the password-protected stakeholder hub here.

TCR conducted an expert consultation process that convened over 60 diverse organizations with global reach to create a Framework for the Net-Zero Portal. This initial consultation took place between September 2020 and September 2021, and included regular working meetings to discuss, evaluate, and build consensus around key concepts and information that should be displayed in the Net-Zero Portal. A complete summary of the consultation results can be accessed here.

TCR is now beginning a second phase of the Net-Zero Portal development by continuing to engage expert stakeholders to build, test, populate and launch the Portal. Experts will support the development of the tool by providing feedback on the user experience, engaging with early actors and initial datasets, and to support the launch of the tool by Summer 2022. 

Learn More

Watch our virtual discussion, Carbon Neutrality Database: Powering Up Pledges & Pathways, from Climate Week NYC 2020 here

Watch our virtual discussion, The Path to Net Zero and COP26, from London Climate Action Week here.


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