Water Nexus Registry

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Join us on Wednesday, April 14, at 10:00 AM PDT to hear about updates to the Water-Energy Nexus Registry program. Register below:

GHG Management & Energy Efficiency

Water agencies, suppliers, distributors and wastewater managers – as well as municipalities and businesses with large water footprints – can reduce their GHG emissions and become more energy efficient.

Guidance & Support

Access standardized guidance and metrics, an expert help desk, and an online reporting tool that will help you calculate and, if you choose, report the GHG emissions embedded in the water cycle.

Leadership & Recognition

Be recognized as a Water-Energy Leader™. This designation communicates that you are taking action on climate change — starting with tracking the GHGs connected to the water you deliver, treat, or use in your operations.

“The Water-Energy Nexus Registry may become an important tool for water agencies, cities, agriculture, colleges, and other large water users. My hope is that this will become one more solution to meeting our 2030 climate pollution reduction targets.”

– Fran Pavley, Former California State Senator and Environmental Policy Director for the USC Schwarzenegger Institute

We recognize the Water-Energy Nexus Registry Founders for their outstanding leadership.

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