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Participants in the Water-Energy Nexus Registry have access to a wide range of tools and resources. We are here to support your efforts no matter whether you’re a GHG reporting newcomer or an expert. If your organization is not ready to publicly report your emissions, you can use our resources to track progress internally and build your green team’s capacity.

Online Reporting Tool

Participants in the WEN Registry use The Climate Registry’s web portal, the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS), to calculate, report, and verify their GHG emissions data. Reporting in CRIS is now open to participants.

Reporting Protocols

Participants use the General Reporting Protocol for guidance on how to report GHG emissions across sectors and the Water-Energy Nexus Reporting Protocol for reporting guidance specific to the water sector and the water-energy nexus.


A help desk with GHG reporting and verification experts is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT to answer participants’ questions and troubleshoot reporting issues.

Access the General Reporting Protocol

The General Reporting Protocol is presented as a series of individual topic-specific modules, which may be viewed separately by clicking the links below, or downloaded together as a combined document.


Inventory Boundaries

GHG Emissions Quantification Methods

Advanced Methods

Reporting an Inventory


Abbreviations and Acronyms

Access the Water-Energy Nexus Protocol

NEW Water-Energy Nexus Registry Protocol version 2 (2021)

Summary of changes for new version of the WEN Registry Protocol (2021)

Access Guidance for Developing Water-Energy GHG Metrics

Water-Energy GHG Metrics: Guidance for Water Managers in Southern California (WEG 2.0)

Access metrics published by participants here.

Verification Resources

Verifying Water-Related Data Guidance (Published April 13, 2020): This document provides additional guidance to verification bodies for reviewing the water-related data that is used to calculate performance metrics reported to the Water-Energy Nexus Registry.

Water-Related Data Matrix (Published April 6, 2020): This matrix assists verification bodies in completing a check to water-related data reported to the Water-Energy Nexus Registry. This resource outlines data sets commonly reported by organizations in the water sector in California.

Emission Factors

The Climate Registry’s 2021 Default Emission Factors


Participants have access to online training sessions and videos on GHG reporting, maximizing their participation in the WEN Registry, and much more. Sign up for our upcoming trainings below.

Start with the Orientation Call, followed by Building a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and CRIS Training. How to Make the Most of Your Participation can be taken at any time.

Participant Welcome and Orientation

Welcome and Orientation Call is currently being offered upon request. If you are a new participant in the program, contact the help desk to request an orientation call.

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