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2011-11-17 Carbon Management 101: Putting Your Registry Data into Action (Office Based Organizations)

Whether you’re a first time greenhouse gas (GHG) reporter or a reporting veteran, you may be thinking about how your office-based organization can reduce its GHG emissions. Reducing your organization’s GHG emissions will not only save money and resources, but truly demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. As a Member of The Registry, you’re already off to a good start! Building and reporting your complete GHG inventory in the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS), is the critical first step of establishing your emissions base year. But where do you go from there? Join us to learn how to tackle that next step as Registry technical expert, Diana Madson, reviews essential tips on GHG reporting and introduces a toolkit for building and implementing your carbon management plan. You’ll also hear from fellow Registry Members, 3Degrees and Healthy Buildings, who succeeded in turning their Registry data into meaningful carbon management plans.