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2011-11-03 Corporate Value Chain Reporting: WRI’s New Scope 3 Standard

September marked the release of the World Resource Institute’s standard for measuring and reporting Corporate Value Chain (scope 3) emissions. These groundbreaking standards establish the first internationally agreed-upon approaches for measuring and reporting GHG emissions throughout product life cycles and corporate value chains. Scope 3 emissions include employee business travel, employees commuting to and from work, downstream emissions from waste disposal, and upstream emissions from the transportation of purchased materials or goods. Scope 3 emissions often represent the largest category of corporate GHG emissions, and therefore the largest opportunity to reduce overall GHG impacts. Join us to hear from WRI staff for an overview of the new standard as well as guidance and advice for reporting these emissions. You’ll also hear from fellow Registry Members who have road tested the standard first-hand, as well as The Climate Registry’s Policy Manager, Peggy Foran, who will be sharing her insight into The Registry’s role in Scope 3 reporting.